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QRCodeAZ.com is a tool to help people create QR codes online for free.
With many features such as creating QR codes with logos or converting text into Qr code as fast as possible.







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QR Code Preview

QRcodeAZ is one of the tools that help people easily create their own QR Codes quickly. With lots of outstanding features as well as ease of use. QRcodeAZ tool is gaining popularity and using it.

Right below I would like to introduce through the features and how to use the QR Code generator. So that you can understand and know how to create yourself the simplest QR Code. Lets begin to find out soon.

How to create QR Code

First, I would like to guide you how to create a QR Code quickly. To be able to create yourself a QR Code please follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, you visit the website https://qrcodeaz.com here you will see the following interface:

Cách tạo mã QR Code

Step 2: Next here, you select the functions as shown below:

In it you should note the following content:

Upload logo: This section you can upload your own logo or avatar. It will appear in your QR Code.

Background color, border color, Size, Accuracy: In this section, you can choose for yourself to be able to create a best QR code. Include background color for QR code, border color or size for your QR code.

Transparent background: This section if you want to create yourself a QR code with a transparent background. Then turn it on.

QR Code style: in this section, you can choose the type of QR Code display. Currently the tool allows you to choose in 4 different styles.

QR code type: in this QR code category, please select according to your need to use to create QR Code. For example, if you want to convert a message or message stream to QR Code. You can choose the text item or if you want to create a Wifi QR Code pass. Then you go to the Wifi section to create a Wifi QR Code pass offline. Similar to the rest of the items such as phone number, SMS or location ....

Step 3: Here I will for example create a QR Code for 1 message line. I will select the Text item as shown below. And I will proceed to enter that message line right into the box below.

Cách tạo mã QR Code

Step 4: Finally, click on the button " Generate QR Code". The system will then display the QR Code right next to it. To save and download this QR Code to your phone or computer. Please click the download button as shown below:

So you are created yourself a QR Code quickly then. Very simple is not it you!

Features of QRcodeAZ

With lots of features and simple usage. QRcodeAZ tool you can create for yourself a lot of QR Code for each different category.

Below are the salient features:

Generate QR Code text

With this feature create QR Code text. You can easily and quickly convert ordinary text lines like messages ... to QR codes in the simplest way.

Generate QR Code Wifi Code

If you want to share your home WiFi network, office or store for everyone via QR Code. Then creating yourself a QR Code for your home Wifi network is very necessary work. To create is very simple, you just need to select the function of creating QR Code Wifi codes. Then enter your Wifi network name. And the password of Wifi network. Then proceed to press the button to generate QR Code. As you have yourself a QR Code for your home Wifi network already.

Convert phone number to QR Code

If you do not want to share your phone number publicly. But do not want to reveal the phone number directly. The solution is to convert your phone number into a QR code. Will help you both easily share as well as ensure privacy.

Other features

Similarly, the tool can help you create and use a lot of other QR code generation features such as:

  • Generate QR codes SMS codes
  • Convert url link to QR Code
  • Share your location to QR codes
  • .....

So above I have shared with you about the tool to create QR codes completely free. Help you easily and quickly create yourself the most beautiful and simple QR Code. Good luck!

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